Friday 26 October 2012

Another step taken ......................

Spent some time sorting out and securing the wooden platforms ready to cover them with the mosaic tiles.

Last night's dinner:

Roast chicken, carrots, potatoes and gravy.

French Disco:

Almost 20 years ago went into Fopp, a little independent record shop in Byres Road, Glasgow (it's still there but owned now by HMV) to update my grip on the then contemporary music world. They had a sale on (as they often did) and I bought this CD for £3.

Played it loud on my way into work this morning and even louder on the way back.

Tried to tear off the price label before taking this photo - but, it seems to have bonded itself to the plastic case.

Tango practice update:

Having stated in an earlier blog how difficult I find it to translate linguistic advice into correct body movement, I had a bit of a eureka experience with one  such.

"Push off with your back foot."

When the tutors reminded all us men that when we step forwards we should make each step a forceful gesture by pushing off with our back foot, I made a mental criticism. "How else do we walk in a forwards direction without pushing off with our back foot? Otherwise we would just stand still!"

But in fact, when I was practising the following day at home, it came to me that my habit is to walk by outstretching the front leg and the rest kind of follows because all the bones are joined together.

Therefore, I made a definite effort to walk by pushing off with the back foot.

Easy for the first and second step but one soon lapses back into the old method.

It was exhausting, but eventually I managed to walk in the recommended fashion for 20 or 30 steps.

By walking in this way, one slows one's gait right down, it gives one a more forceful sense of moving forwards AND it somehow leads to one's sense of direction emanating from the centre of one's chest - which I believe is correct in order for the male Tango dance to be a convincing leader of any partnership.

I'll have to practise this mode of stepping.

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