Tuesday 16 October 2012

Clearance testing.

Need to screw down the wooden platforms prior to covering them with mosaic tiles.

However, where a curved stretch of track reaches a platform, it is critical that one tests that passing rolling stock do not catch against the edges of the platforms.

I used my longest carriages to carry out this test - they are from my Le Capitole set, manufactured by ROCO.

As a result, had to adjust the position of the platforms slightly. Hope these photographs explain the situation.

Was then ready to screw down the platforms.

Since I didn't want any sticky-up screws when there was mosaic to go across them I used a countersinker attachment first.

What I must remember to do is to mark the tiles that sit above the screws so that if I ever need to lift the platforms I can easily find the screws.


Last night, went to GFT and saw a great film set in 1980s East Germany - "Barbara". The cinematography and acting were both vastly superior to anything one sees in mainstream English language films.

It was like being in East Germany and every character was entirely believable.

Alkan's Esquisses:

Today's listening: the Scottish pianist Steven Osborne playing the 48 Esquisses.

Last night's dinner:

Pre-theatre at O Sole Mio, Glasgow.

Seafood salad.

Veal stew.

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