Thursday 11 October 2012

Tango update

Here are some photos of the layout with the black lines drawn between the tracks. I like the visual effect and think a mechanical chaos has been created consonant with the impression that one gets at a railway station and stands amidst the infrastructure.

I'm wondering whether to stain and then varnish the wooden planks, sorry, I mean platforms.

Tango update:

I think last night was the fourth session that I've attended and they have not added up to the crushing experience that I had thought they might have done. In fact, I've definitely made progress.

Despite that, for some reason I was absolutely sick with fear about going last night. All those fears came back to me, now expressed in this form: will the rest of the class have progressed so far ahead of me  that I would now be the dunce holding everybody back  thus having my presence resented.

That did not happen, of course, and in fact I learned of a stance that I did not master last night but which with practice I'm sure I could.

Basically, sometimes one can dance alongside one's partner. This has the huge advantage for me of precluding my standing on my partner's feet.

However, I didn't quite get the idea. Yes, one's lower body (ie legs) travels alongside one's partner's lower body BUT, impossibly, one's upper torso continues to face one's partner's torso.

In the end I managed that turn of the hips and that sense of dislocation between upper and lower body. But there is a second adjustment which I did not manage: one has to turn one's head in the direction of travel so that one can see where the hell one is going. In other words, one's head and one's legs are pointed in one direction but the bit in the middle is twisted in another direction ie towards one's partner's torso.

Colin Wilson:

Continuing to find Colin Wilson's "The Books in My Life" absolutely riveting and side splittingly hilarious.

Hot Chip:

Rather dreading going to this concert tomorrow night - will I look ludicrously out of place? what time does it actually start (as opposed to what time do the doors open)? will I have to stand for 4 hours? will it be so loud that I lose more of my hearing?

In the mean time, continuing to enjoy listening to their latest album:

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