Monday 1 October 2012

The Beauty of Flexitrack

In a blog of many months ago, I extolled the beauty of  Peco flexitrack and illustrated the extolment with this photograph.

When one applies ballasting, one loses this elegance in the hope of gaining verisimilitude.

I think I'm going to abandon the weathering approach and go for visual effect.

I'll still need to apply ballasting grains to fill in the gaps between the sleepers because the underlay of the track is a bit of a mess. But hopefully the ballast I have ordered from Nairnshire Models will be so light in colour that the structure of the flexitrack will be seen while the underlay will be hidden - and I'll apply the ballasting sparingly, not as in the picture above.

The alternative is to lift all the track and paint the underlay white - no way, Jose!

Quite excited - feel a new impetus towards my French Model Railway.

Cassius: 15 Again.

Can't stop listening to this album.

The album cover reminds me of an old Frank Zappa LP cover, from 1970, "Weasels Ripped My Flesh".

Last night's dinner:

Liver in a tomato sauce and cabbage.

Sandy Wright:

A great song by this Scottish singer-songwriter is: "Can't win, can't lose".

Or more fully, "Can't win, can't lose  --   can't break even  -- that's my advice --  until the day I die."

That has made me think, I can tell you.

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