Tuesday 23 October 2012

Platform lights

Before I can cover the platforms with mosaic - the mosaic tiles arrived yesterday, by the way - I had to drill three 0.6cm holes through each of the platforms. These are in preparation for installation of the platform lamp-posts and the illuminated station clock.

To be 20 inches apart.

0.6 cm hole.

Insert wires then base of lamp post.

Weakly illuminated by fading 9 volt battery.

The Mandelbaum Gate by Muriel Spark

In my blog of 26th April I listed my favourite novels. Number 10 was Muriel Spark's The Mandelbaum Gate which even when I just think about it emits the heat of  post-war Palestine.

I notice on today's BBC website that "The Best of the Best of the James Tait Black Prize will honour the best loved novel to have won the award since it was created in 1919."

There are 6 novels on the short list and The Mandelbaum Gate is one of them.

James Kelman's "A Disaffection" is also on the list - I wanted to enjoy this book when I first read it many years ago; I liked the title.

But I found it phony.

Hot Chip:

Continuing to revel in my collection of Hot Chip CDs. Is there something wrong with me? Is this obsession a symptom of something? Incidentally, I could not pick a top 6 tracks, I love them all equally.

Two photographs of my laptop screen displaying my Hot Chip playlist from iTunes.

Last night's dinner:

Trout wrapped around crab mousse plus broccoli
Needless to say, the trout thingie was from M & S.

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