Sunday 14 October 2012

Further justification for mosaic platforms.

This plan to cover the platforms of the layout with a mosaic of green, white and violet has a second justification: impressionism. (The first justification being the reference to the imagery of French cafe life re typical table-cloths and floor tiles.)

When one looks at any surface eg that of a station platform, what is presented to the eye is really a mass of different colours that are reflections from the surrounds - a gray platform is not just gray.

I've downloaded some images from the web to illustrate this. (I know you all know this, but the fact is few model railway platforms are painted anything other than gray.)

The middle image is from a painting where the artist has obviously taken on board the impressionistic creed and painted the pavement surface as it seems to him.

I've extracted a rectangular section from the platform in the first picture.

Now it can be seen to be made up of sections of different colours.

If I crop it further, the effect is even more obvious.

Now the image has nothing to do with a platform because one has removed the context - this rectangle could represent anything, it looks just like a rectangle made up of patches of different colours.

After the application of mosaic tiles to my platforms I hope to achieve the same effect - see yesterday's blog.

Hot Chip:

For the sake of variety, I feel I should be saying that today I'm listening to something other than Hot Chip.

But, I'm not.

Here are some new images though.

Last night's dinner:

Steak, broccoli and white turnip.
This was washed down with a heavy Italian wine given  recently by someone who stayed a few nights with us. It had to be decanted - which I did into a jug.

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