Thursday 18 October 2012


I will go ahead with the mosaic covering of the platforms.

Got an email back from the supplier of the tiles who said that he'd give me a 10% discount for bulk purchase and waive shipping charges.

Pondered the issue of platform width. The platforms are 9.5cm wide but the tiles are 1cm square. It is possible to cut the tiles using special snippers or a Stanley knife but I don't fancy doing that for so many.

I thought about slicing half a cm of the width of each platform to make them 9cm wide ie exactly 9 tiles wide but a) can't be bothered, b) suspect I'd cut a finger off in the process and c) not keen to leave too big a gap between platform and carriages.

Another solution would be to use 10 tiles across with a slight overhang of 0.25cm at each edge. Suspect this would leave the carriages rubbing the platform edges.

My current solution is to cover with 9 tiles width and centre the coverage thus leaving 0.25 cm of wood showing along each edge.

That is actually quite noticeable in reality although perhaps not so noticeable in this photograph.

Therefore painted purple along the edges to make that gap less obvious. Paint is still too wet to test this theory out with some tiles in position.

Last night's dinner:

Since coming back from France have gone back to eating red meat more often.

A local butcher had on display what he called a "French cut" of top side. Basically, it was a rack of beef. We didn't need an entire rack so he cut off one bone's worth so to speak. I've always liked any kind of flesh to be on the bone.

Sliced across the way and served with carrots and cabbage and a mix of Bisto/Oxo.

New Bordeaux from the Wine Society - great label and good vintage.

Schubert's Fantasy for Four Hands:

Currently listening to:

But actually prefer this rendition.

Or even this one:

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