Tuesday 9 October 2012

Some progress

Painted white between the tracks in preparation for laying down the black turreted lines discussed in the last two episodes of this blog.

Also laid down the wooden platforms again so that I can think what to do with them decor wise..

Last night's dinner:

We had our Chinese and Spanish/Colombian friends around for dinner last night. I had bought a whole octopus from the supermarket and watched Pablo prepare it, cook it and chop it up for us. He served it on a bed of sliced boiled potato seasoned with sea salt, olive oil and paprika.

Forgot to take the photograph until it had been half devoured.

Must get an octopus again.

Rave music:

Listened to Desert Island Discs with the paralympian, Ade Adepitan. He grew up in the 80s and chose a great Rave classic by Denise Malone called Rescue Me.

There are lots of re-mixes of this track but the one played on the programme was not available on iTunes. However, the track is on the compilation CD, "Ware's the House"  - a reference to illegal raves being held in warehouses - and could be purchased for £0.01 from Amazon with additional postage of £1.26.

So I ordered it.

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