Monday 22 October 2012

DIY - penal servitude.

Bought a plane for £5 from Bill's Tool Store in the Barra's, Glasgow.

Shaving the edge off the over-wide platform.

Evidence of use.
There is only one word to describe the last 90 minutes of planing, (a bit of sawing), sandpapering and re-painting: TEDIOUS. I do not have the right mind-set for DIY. Some people actually enjoy it.

Anyway, re-checked for clearance and that now seems OK along all platform edges.

Re-screwed the platforms into position.

Last night's dinner:

Liver and asparagus.

Began the meal in the company of Colin Wilson but as I began to tire, switched to the diverting trivia of Tracey Emin.

Tango update:

There was no Tango class last week because the school building was closed for mid-term holiday. But we were issued with a CD compilation of Tango recordings the previous week and I have been practising to those - sometimes alone, sometimes with spouse.

Worryingly, I have some new evidence about the collapse of my right knee. In the recommended warm up exercises one stands on one leg and wiggles and waves the other leg about in increasingly wide motions.

BUT, one is meant to hold the "standing" leg with a slight bend at the knee. This presents no problem when standing on my left leg but is totally and utterly and completely impossible when standing on my right leg. My right leg must be kept ramrod straight otherwise it cannot support any weight at all.

Really enjoying the atmosphere created by listening to the compilation. I actually look forward each day to my 10 minute practice session: it's like being transported to a Buenos Aires Tango Bar. Then that wee dour spouse appears on the scene and I'm rapidly transported back to Glasgow.

Chopin's Ballade No 4 in F minor:

10 minutes of piano brilliance. I was surprised to find that I have only one version of this - performed by Vladimir Ashkenazy.

Not sure why, but I've never been keen on this much esteemed pianist.

Must download a selection of other pianists playing the piece. I find it very satisfying getting to know a piece of music inside out and then hearing new pianists turn it upside down.

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