Tuesday 30 October 2012

The secret of shifting weight..............

Mosaic progress:

Continuing to cover the platforms bit-by-bit with the checkered mosaic pattern.


Ceramics class tonight:

And I hope I feel less tired than I did last week.

Hope to concentrate on adding more features eg cornices and pillars to the building.

What I'm aiming at:

I seem to have lost all my photographs of the actual ceramic piece I'm working on. Will update with photos tonight.

Tango practice:

In the Tango,  the man propels himself forward by means of his back foot/leg. He shifts his weight from the back foot at all times (as opposed to stretching out his front leg and pulling himself forward).

I've been practising this technique but find it difficult.

However, I saw this youTube video last night which analysed the action of "shifting weight".

Apparently one achieves this by raising the heel of one's back foot. It is this little action which leads to the shift of weight - it literally tips one's body forwards.

It grieves me that this kind of analysis of a global instruction into its constituent parts never occurs to me until weeks sometimes years after the event. That has typified my experience when learning tennis/badminton/squash/golf. I suppose I'm just slow on the uptake.
Hot Chip:

Playing my new Hot Chip album:


Last night's dinner:

A pizza - forgot to take photograph. But for the record this is one culinary area where my wife and I concur.

We both like our toppings to be: black olives; anchovies and artichokes.

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