Saturday 27 October 2012

The mosaic begins

Made a start on covering the platforms with mosaic.

Straight-forward enough: one smears PVA over the wood and places the tiles in position individually.

Obviously, it will be done a little bit each day. The section of mosaic pictured here probably took about 45 minutes to lay.

Dub Step.

Forced myself not to listen to Hot Chip today.

Instead listened to some of my Dub Step collection. Like the use of peculiar little noises woven into a piece of music in the places where normally you would hear the sounds of conventional instruments. Adds to the novelty and extends the imagination.

Thrill seeking:

Decades ago, the psychologist H J Eysenck proposed a three dimensional analysis of the human personality.

One of those dimensions was the desire to seek thrills.

At the time I thought that this was a fairly useless way of judging people since thrill seeking didn't really seem to enter much into everyday life. What I did know was that I wasn't a thrill seeker.

My wife and I were given helicopter ride vouchers last Christmas. My wife was delighted but I wasn't interested.

Today we redeem the vouchers. I will chauffeur my wife and a friend of hers through to Edinburgh for their 15 minute flight. I'll stay in the car and listen to the radio.

If the only realistic way of travelling to France was to go by helicopter then I would have no hesitation in going on one. But simply to go on one for the sake of it holds no appeal for me.

Tomorrow, a work colleague will be redeeming a similar kind of voucher that he was given last Christmas only this one is for driving a Ferrari round a race circuit.

So, thrill seeking seems more prevalent than it was 30 years ago - almost part of everyday life!

Again, I like looking at Ferraris but can't believe that driving one would give me any more pleasure than driving a Ford Focus.

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