Friday 12 October 2012

Sticky Back Plastic

Had this great/mad idea for the platforms of the train station.

I'm going to cover them in a green and white checkered pattern.

The above is a very poor artist's impression of what I have in mind: that size of check is far too large.

A better size.

Apparently, the size of check I have in mind is called Chef's check because chefs often wear trousers and hats made from the cloth.

A pair of chef's trousers for sale on eBay.
Ideally, I would like to get some Fablon or sticky back plastic and cover the platforms with it. I'm continuing my search for same on the internet.


I have these images of France floating about in my mind and checkered tablecloths in cafes is one of them.

By covering the platforms with such a pattern I'm introducing French imagery into the scene. It doesn't matter that this particular element of imagery is attached to the platforms, the important thing is that it is present.

Also, the platforms as they are at the moment can't help looking like planks of wood: they are over-long, over-straight and boring to look at. Even if painted battleship gray or some other platform colour, they will still look boring. Hence the checkered scheme.

Also, look at these green buses outside the Gare du Nord. The colour schemes will all tie together.


One discovery I did make is that gingham is not the same as check.

Last night's dinner:

Hake, black pudding, poached eggs and brocoli.

Continuing to read Colin Wilson.

Close up of poached egg and black pudding.

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