Sunday 28 October 2012

More mosaic

Many of the tasks I've done for this layout have been a chore: see preceding 350 episodes of this blog.

But this laying of mosaic tiles to form the checkered pattern I find pleasurable and, rather like my tango practice, I actually look forward to doing it.

About nine rows in from the bottom edge (in the second picture above) you will see a missing tile. That is where one of several platform lampposts will be installed.

Yesterday's helicopter event:

My wife and her friend thoroughly enjoyed their 15 minute helicopter flight over Edinburgh. The interior was apparently very like that of a car.

There were a succession of flights throughout the day and I would say that the average age of the passenger was 60 years old. Certainly, nobody under 55. All passengers had been given the flights as gifts - probably from their children!!!!

The weather was excellent yesterday. It is absolutely atrocious today. I wonder if my friend who is this afternoon  redeeming a similar kind of gift voucher is enjoying driving that Ferrari in torrential rain

Last night's dinners:

Frequently, my wife and I have different meals at dinner time: I don't complain.

Mine: scallops, samphire and aubergine under parmesan.

Wife's: breaded haddock, samphire and baked potatoes

More and more, we're enjoying samphire. You can prepare and cook it in three minutes - simply requires 90 seconds frying in butter. What I like about it is that it has an aroma and a taste. So many vegetables these days have no taste or aroma.

This morning, went with several members of my family to St Cyprian's Episcopal Church, Lenzie, for the  All Souls' remembrance of the departed. In our case, we were remembering our parents who passed away, together, 30 months ago. And also, we each remembered others who were no longer with us but who still lived in our memories.

Episcopal services are very similar to their  Roman Catholic counter-parts but with superior singing of the hymns.

The Curate, Moira Jamieson, does an excellent job at officiating - her sermon was first rate too.

Venetian Snares:

Today's listening: "Rossz csillag alatt sz├╝letett" by Venetian Snares.

Venetian Snares

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