Saturday 20 April 2013

Being scared to dance: incidence among adults

Completed a simple task today, namely, painting the back surface of a ceramic building that backs onto the platform area of the station.

The front of the building in question

Originally, the back surface was white.
So, got some acrylic paints, mixed up a messy, rusty, industrial brick colour and stuck a wine label onto the surface to serve as a billboard advertisement.


Currently listening to:

Radio 1:

More or less nothing worth listening to on Radio 1 these days except some of their specialist night time programmes which one can download from the BBC iPlayer.

eg Drum 'n' Bass from this chap.

Last night's dinner:

Chicken curry take away from the Shenaz, Glasgow
Just looking at that photograph makes me hungry.

Cost per head: £9.00

Adults scared to dance:

On Radio 3 this morning as compere, Martin Handley, handed over to the compere of the next programme, he said, in passing, that he was terrified of dancing in public.

Perfectly normal looking Martin Handley
Handley is one of my favourite Radio 3 presenters and seems to have led a full and varied life. Yet, he is scared to dance in public.

This got me thinking: what is the incidence among adults of this fear or at least discomfort?

Obviously, I didn't frame my query in Google well enough because nothing relevant came up. However, a discussion about stress did catch my eye in which the opposite condition was reported.

I'll quote from it without comment.

Another way to work on overcoming shyness is to find something you enjoy or are good at that you aren’t afraid to share. That is what Allyse Meanea from New Harmony, Utah, did.
Allyse says she is shy around people she doesn’t know and that she has a fear of public speaking. “I think people will think the worst of me and that it won’t turn out well.”

But Allyse likes to dance and was given the opportunity to do a solo dance in front of a group of people.

When I’m dancing, I’m not nervous or shy. I can forget about myself and those people and concentrate on what I am doing. I couldn’t talk in front of people, but I can dance in front of them just fine.”

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