Tuesday 23 April 2013

Painting scenery on HO scale model railway.

At some point a back drop will have to be placed on the wall behind the layout.

I've hummed and hawed about how to do this for as long as this project has been going ie 18 months.

At one point, tapestry seemed a good medium.


Then ceramic tiles were considered:

Here's a ceramic tile backdrop behind a kitchen unit.

Now I'm wondering if simply sketching or painting one might not be a better idea. Therefore, today I covered a large canvas with newspaper sheets in preparation for some experimentation in that medium.

Currently listening to:

Joyce Grenfell singing Three Brothers

My wife hates this song and walks out of the room when it's being played - too soppy and Englishie, apparently.

Probably one of my favourite songs ever.

Last night's dinner:

A real triumph: John Dory, artichokes and red peppers.

John Dory - not sure who the chap is.
A rather expensive meal as it turned out at approx cost per head of £13.
Currently reading:
How to enter the Silence by Helen Rhodes Wallace
As part of my intention to read a spiritual text each day, I plucked this slim volume from the bookshelf today.
It's an eccentric work written, I suspect, in the late 1950s.
It has a rather unusual aim for a spiritual work:
"Making clear that experience which clarifies perception, intensifies effort and establishes prosperity."
However, her basic approach I agree with: namely, that we live in a physical, social and cultural world which we should enjoy rather than shun. However, our enjoyment should be fuelled by the Holy Spirit.
"Jesus supreme message was man's relation to an invisible and inexhaustible source that can never be spent, and which can be brought to bear upon every detail of human life." p12


  1. St Georges day today, you must have played it as she was a favourite of a very special person.

  2. Yes, memories.