Thursday 18 April 2013

Tango update

While I'm waiting for the street lighting to arrive - apparently it has been dispatched - I've turned my mind to how I might add canopies to the "pink" Boulevard building so as to have a pavement café scene in front of it.

Artist's impression
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A travel book by Graham Greene about his journeys to West Africa in the 1930s.

It's the insects that would put me off: even worse than West of Scotland midges, I believe.

Last night's dinner:

Spinach and a poached egg
Cost per head: £1.25

Tango update:

Having completed two consecutive beginners' course with one set of tutors, I knew that it would just seem "odd" to enrol for the same again. But, despite their reassurances, I did not feel at all comfortable with the idea of progressing to the Improvers's class.

So, I took the risk and found that there was another Tango class in Glasgow and enrolled in their Beginners' class.

An excellent decision:

The approach here is different but complimentary. Once again, the two tutors are absolutely excellent - they really work hard for the hour.

BUT, there are some crucial differences with the teaching of the other class. The main difference is that they insist one walks with a normal  heel to the ground followed by ball of foot walking motion and NOT with the ball of the foot touching the ground first followed by a sliding motion advocated by the other tutors.

This suits me very well BUT I have spent the last 6 months changing the walking habits of a lifetime so now I'll have to re-teach myself to walk normally.

In other words these tutors view Tango-walking as a natural extension of normal everyday walking down the street.

The difference is how the leading foot lands on the floor. The fellow on the right is landing heel first and that's how I will walk in future.

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