Friday 19 April 2013

HO scale street lights by FMR

The street lights arrived today from Frizinghall Models, Bradford. They seem to be responsible for manufacturing the lights under the brand name "Model-IT".

I haven't read the instructions yet, but there is a resistor included in the pack and the lamps have to be operated as a pair. So, installing them will probably require some technical reading beforehand.

Currently listening to:

Schubert's sublime Piano Sonata No 19 performed by Mitsuko Uchida. Compares very favourably with Radu Lupu's version.

Dame Mitsuko Uchida
Currently reading:

I've been trying to read something Christian or at least spiritual each day.

Just finished reading an essay in the above book by Thomas McPherson, entitled "Religion as the Inexpressible."

McPherson has a terrific prose style. The overall argument I wasn't terribly interested in: basically, a discussion of the claim that religious beliefs are non-sensical because they cannot be verified by the senses or by analytical logic.

What caught my attention was the counter argument that what is most distinctive in religion cannot be put into words but, paradoxically, has a word to refer to it - "the numinous".

Must explore this concept of "the numinous".

As I say, I enjoyed the author's prose style. Here is an example:

"Now it is true that there are different kinds of nonsense. To see this we need only compare "'Twas brillig, and the slithy toves Did gyre and gimble in the wabe", and "This book is red and green all over", and "All only every but.", and "Socrates is numerous."  Each of these utterances is nonsensical for a different reason. (And there are more kinds of nonsense than these.)"

Last night's dinner:

Haddock and spinach in breadcrumbs from Marks and Spencers
Approx cost per head: £3.50

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