Tuesday 9 April 2013

ON-OFF Switches and isolating HO scale track

6 on-off switches will control power to 6 shorts sections of track each at the end of the platforms. For illustrative purposes I've only sketched in 4 platforms.

The rails have been physically cut near to the end of the platforms allowing that section of track to be electrically isolated and thus any locomotive standing in that section to be isolated too.

The break has been bridged with a wire that leads to the on off switch. When turned to ON or (B) in the bottom diagram, the power flows through the wire from the rest of the track to the isolated section thus de-isolating it, and the loco moves.

In the top diagram, the first three locos are isolated (switches in the OFF position) and the bottom loco is receiving power (switch in the ON position).

One of the 6 switches sitting in the plinth.

Underside of plinth

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