Saturday 13 April 2013

Fighting the tedium of wiring

Buckled down and wired up the ON-OFF switches for the 6 sections of isolating track.

And then, using a 13 volt pea bulb, tested that the power reached the sections when they were de-isolated by turning their respective switches to ON.

The pea bulb does not lie - the power has got through.

Made a wooden plinth to house the switches from some spare MDF.

Sawing up the MDF

Used epoxy resin to join the sections of MDF.
The 6 isolating switches beside the 4 electric points switches.
Annoyed at myself for not enjoying this session of craft work - I extract no pleasure from this kind of activity - it's just a chore. But surely such activities are what constitutes the hobby of model railways?

Will have to work on my attitude.

Currently listening to:

Radu Lupu playing Schubert's Piano Sonatas No 19 and 20.

David Toop and Scanner:

Last night, went to the Tramway Theatre on Glasgow's South side to see two experimental electronic musicians: David Toop and Scanner aka Robin Rimbaud.

Scanner on left, Toop on right
Place was half-full and the atmosphere somewhat "precious", I thought. The performance lasted about 90 minutes and got better as the various sound threads built up to a climax.

Photo from my camera

I have doubts about the value of over intellectualised electronic music. For me, the same atmosphere is created much more effectively by, say, Deepchord.

Last night's dinner:

A rather rushed meal at an Italian restaurant near to the Tramway theatre.

Rather irritated at being forced by circumstances into paying £13 for this meal.

Cost per head: £13

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