Saturday 6 April 2013

The Risen Christ

Some Paintings of  Railways:

I'm not sure who's the artist of the first painting, but I don't like it: it's too figurative for me and thus leaves me unmoved.

Gare de L'Est, Paris

The next painting is wonderful and moves me in every way. It's by Monet, of course, a keen painter of the French railways.

The next painting by the American artist Edward Hopper has a similar effect on me to the Monet.

Finally, three examples of the early 20th Century art movement,  futurism, which went under various names eg rayonism, cubism and vorticism

Speeding Train by Ivo Pannaggi

Suburban Train Arriving in Paris, by Gino Severini

Plane over the Train by Natalia Goncharova - an example of Russian rayonism.

And finally, one of my favourite paintings of all time:

Here Comes the Diesel by Leon Kossoff
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The remainder of a home made chicken curry from the freezer.

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The Risen Christ:

Still transformed by the constant presence of Christ in my life - literally by my side at all times.

I suppose that, technically, this presence of Christ is what is usually referred to as the Risen Christ.

Let me quote from an article in this month's edition of the missionary magazine "Africa" by Sister Ethna Egan.

"I am challenged. How can I make others aware of the presence of God? The answer I think is by becoming more aware myself.

"Jean Vanier, the founder of L'Arche, has written: We must learn to rest in that peace which comes when God touches our hearts. We must know that this peace is the presence of God, that this is how God speaks to us, through this love which touches us at the core and flows through all our being and plunges us into silence. We must be open to this peace.

"Sister Joyce Rupp has written of the meeting of the disciples with Jesus on the road to Emmaus: As we remember the presence of the Risen Christ this week, we, too, can beg him to stay with us. It is a good time to reflect on where we most need the love, the guidance, the encouragement of Jesus now .... After prayer, do we invite him to 'stay with us', it reminds us of how near the Risen Christ is to us and it affirms our deep belief that we need this presence in our life."

It is with great pleasure and trust and relief that I do indeed invite Christ to stay with me every moment of my day and night.

The Risen Christ, Medjugorje, Bosnia and Herzegovina

I think this is a tremendous evocation of Jesus.

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