Wednesday 17 April 2013

Ceramics update

Spent yesterday evening working on the 4 walls of what will eventually be an HO scale Parisian apartment block.


3 weeks ago, before the Easter break, I'd left the 4 walls with the shellac still in evidence. The shellac was there to protect the roof and window frames from the water that I sponged and brushed onto the rest of the clay. The idea being that the wet sponge/brush would wash away a layer of clay EXCEPT where the shellac covered the window frames and roof.

The shellac covered roof and window frames
Once in the kiln, the shellac would burn off.  Once out of the kiln, the roof and window frames would be delineated because the water had not washed them away.

Last night:

The shellac burned off in the kiln
One wall had cracked in the kiln - but that can be easily repaired
The next task was to paint 'wax resist' everywhere except for the roof and the window frames.
A close up.
The 'wax resist' will protect the walls from the coloured glazes that are going to be sponged over  the window frames and roof.
Only had time to glaze the roof sections last night.
The justification for using a sponge is that it allows one to colour only the surfaces of the window frames and roof tiles while leaving the grooves around the frames and the grooves between the tiles uncoloured and thus highlighted.
Currently listening to:
Royksopp: Melody AM
Recorded in 1998
How time flies. An up to date listener in 1998, might have been, say, 25 years old. Today, in 2013, he or she would be 40.
Last night's dinner:
Left-over chicken in a crepe.

Cost per head: £1.75

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