Monday 15 April 2013

HO scale ceramic building in temporary position

Placed another of my HO scale ceramic buildings into position. (The long black one.) The reason for doing this was so as to finalise where roads and pavements will be and thus where holes will need to be drilled for wiring up the street lighting.

Currently listening to:

Virgil Enzinger: who happens to be Austrian

Last night's dinner:

Chicken curry at the Shenaz, Glasgow, prior to walking across the street to the Mitchell Theatre where the Glasgow writer, artist and septuagenarian, Alasdair Gray was giving a reading.

Cost per head: £12.50

Alasdair Gray:

Can't make up my mind about Alasdair Gray. He's a great painter and great prose stylist but I do wonder if, ultimately, he has anything to say.

The man himself.

His masterpiece

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