Tuesday 16 April 2013

Parisian Backdrop (HO scale)

Ceramics class resumes tonight and I'm hoping that the 4 walls of my latest HO scale building have been fired and thus ready for glazing.

But, if I am going to use ceramic tiles for the backdrop, then I need to be thinking ahead as to how I'm going to make it. What size will it be and what will be depicted upon it.

Should I make the tiles by hand or should I buy commercial ones and paint upon them?

Here's a first draft.

The area covered would be approx 160cm wide by 80cm high.

That would be 32 tiles of 20cm by 20cm.

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Chicken leg, potatoes and aubergine, frozen peas and, I'm ashamed to say, "Chicken Tonight" sauce.

Approx cost per head: £3.25

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"The Shaking of the Foundations" by the theologian, Paul Tillich.

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