Wednesday 10 April 2013

Fontana Modern Masters

Nothing to report on railway front today - might do something this evening.

Here's a picture from a previous blog which shows the basic layout.

And here's the diagram from yesterday's blog showing where the isolated sections of track are.

There are only 4 sidings in the diagram but I hope you get the general idea.

Last night's dinner:

Walnuts and chopped avocado

On boiled rice with a splash of a tomato based sauce

With Parmesan added.
 Cost per head: £1.75

Currently reading:

Continuing to enjoy Edgar Friedenberg's biography on the radical Glasgow psychiatrist, R D Laing.

This book was part of a series about 20th century thinkers and artists, published by Fontana in the 1970s. The series was called Fontana Modern Masters and each had a pop-art type front cover.

I'm sure I read somewhere that if you laid the books out next to one another, the covers made a huge unified design. Haven't had time to do that today.

No time for any music today.

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