Monday 22 April 2013

Painting the baseboard

Hummed and hawed about whether or not to cover the plywood baseboard with vinyl or some other covering to represent the road surfaces.

At present it's bare wood.

The advantage of covering the wood is that the various screws that are visible would be concealed. On the other hand, one could pretend they were HO scale man hole covers.

The disadvantage of a covering with, say, vinyl would be that the installation of street lampposts which requires drilling through the baseboard might be compromised. I suspect that the base of each lamp post must have a rigid surface against which to stand or they might tilt or wobble.

Furthermore, I couldn't find any spare vinyl or similar in the house and couldn't be bothered going out to find any. So, I painted the wood directly.
First coat in gray.
Surprisingly detailed reflection of station façade.
This frontage is very realistic, I think

Another overall view
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