Sunday 21 April 2013

SNCF Society

Renewed my subscription today for the excellent SNCF Society - £16.

Here's the link if you're interested in anything to do with French Railways: excursions to France; model layouts; history of French railways.

Currently listening to:

Radio 1 Extra

Drum 'n' Bass with Crissy Criss

These Radio 1 Extra sessions usually last about 2 hours - 2 hours of continuous music with an  occasional and banal utterance from whatever DJ is manning the studio.

What I like about the sessions is that there is a musical narrative to them. They start off fairly low key and then over the 2 hours build up layer by layer into a manic  symphony of beat music.

Last night's dinner:

Squid cut up and ready to fry

With cous cous
The fishmonger,(Fantoosh, Great Western Road, Glasgow) prepared the squid for me.

It took about 3 minutes to fry and curls up naturally in the course of the frying.

A really excellent meal.

Approx cost per head: £4

Past weeks stats for cost per head of evening meal:

Sunday  £12.50
Monday  £3.25
Tuesday  £1.75
Wednesday  £1.25
Thursday  £3.50
Friday  £9.00
Saturday  £4.00

Average cost per head:  £5.04

Previous weekly averages:  £5.10: £4.89, £11.43; £2.33; £5.48; £4.11; and £3.69

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