Wednesday 2 October 2013

Back to the Dome

Folded up the card dome which will sit behind HO scale church facade.

Haven't glued it together because I think I'll colour it - white is too white.

Behind the church facade.
In case I muck up the colouring of the dome, I also made a thick card net which I can use as a template to make subsequent domes.

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Sibelius 5th Symphony -such memories.

Jean Sibelius
Last night's dinner:

Home made curry using chicken thighs
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I gave up:

Well written but far too repetitive
And began:


Going to see Rod Stewart at the Glasgow Hydro tonight: (my wife's idea)


  1. Lucky you going to the Hydro, saw Rod Stewart about 20 years ago at Hampden with Curtis Steigers, hope it's every bit as brilliant and your wife enjoys too.

  2. Should be quite a spectacle - starting off with the new multi-storey car park