Monday 14 October 2013

HO scale street lights - the posts!

Painted the upright brass tubes which constitute the posts for the overhead lights. Chose dark green.

The posts are now embedded in two lengths of wood and connected to each other by a length of brass rod which has been soldered to the base of each post.

The long brass rod will carry electricity to the 3 green posts.

One row for each side of the street.
The wooden sections will be underneath the baseboard with the brass posts poking up through it and emerging alongside the street above.

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Last night's dinner:

Brill, black pudding, aubergine and crushed tomatoes.
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I've struck really lucky - two brilliant and serious books in a row.

This time it's this:


Our most adventurous and satisfying cycle run yet - all done on public roads through the County of Lanark to Biggar.

When I was a child, the County of Lanark was famous in Scotland for its red tar macadamised roads. They still have a few.

Reached Biggar

Lunch in Biggar - albeit not in the Cross Keys

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