Wednesday 30 October 2013

HO scale pseudo- neon signs continued.

Rigged up yesterday's "Hotel" sign in situ - to get some idea of the final effect. Tried it out with a variety of ambient/background lighting conditions.

A reminder - this is a "flashing" light.

Obviously, the wires will have to be hidden.

Currently listening to:

I'm not a massive fan of J S Bach but occasionally the mood will take me. But that sums up Bach for me - I'd never look forward to hearing his music but can find it pleasing when I accidentally come across it; as I did just now using the random/shuffle facility on my iTunes.

Last night's dinner:

Had dinner at our Chinese friends last night - he's a professional cook - in their new apartment.

Shredded duck

The white shape to the left is a pancake.
When I asked our hosts what they called "pancakes", they said "pancakes".

Currently reading:

A lunch of leftover mushrooms and olives in aubergine sauce plus 5 minute spaghetti and the memoirs of Rabbi Lionel Blue.

I find Blue's writing style a trifle flippant. But, every page contains at least one provocative observation on what it is to be human.


Yesterday my neighbour asked me what those fascinating sounds were coming from our house ie my bongo practise sessions. Was it me playing some sort of percussive instrument?

I said no, it wasn't. I told her that it was my wife who had recently taken up the bongos. She required some convincing but eventually said, "What a talented person she is."

Wearing her new sandals.

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