Tuesday 29 October 2013

HO scale faux-neon signs - a success!

The current aim for the layout is to create in one of the streets a Parisian night-time scene.


Instead of buying expensive acetate sheets from the internet in order to make these signs, it occurred to me that a free (as in gratis) supply of plastics - coloured/marled and goodness knows what else - could be obtained from recycled household packaging.


So, specifically using the green plastic top of a milk carton:

I thought I'd have a bash at making this hotel sign.

And used an acrylic enamel red paint to pick out the word hotel on the green milk top.

And then back lit the plastic top with a selection of different coloured flashing LED lights, comme ca:

Here are the results:

Red flashing LED



A second coat of red paint is required but the on-off effect is fantastic. Much better than these photos suggest.

In reality, the green flashing LED was the most effective, although in the above photos the white LED looks as good.

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It's very slow because of the power with which it creates its atmosphere. But, I'm not going to give up on it.


Lost out on an eBay bidding auction by 0.50 euros.  I bid 25 euros; the winning bid was 25 .50 euros.

At least that was my first interpretation of events. But, I think what happened is this: my bid was the second highest but eBay don't make public the exact size of the winning bid. The winner then picks up the item for 0.50 euros more than the second highest bid.

The winner could have bid 40 euros for all I know, but he pays only 0.5 euros more than my bid ie 25.50 euros.

So, I'll have to wait a few months longer (probably) if I want to buy another of these BUDD carriages.

However, I did successfully buy one outright for 22.50 euros last week. That should be arriving from France next week.

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