Thursday 10 October 2013

HO scale illuminated stained glass windows

Pretty well finished the church for the layout - a ceramic facade with the body of the building and the dome made from card with coloured acetate windows.

And, as a temporary measure, sat a little battery operated lighting device beneath the dome - far too strong a light but will do to illustrate the principle.

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More Samba/Bossa Nova as per yesterday:

Last night's dinner:

The other half of the M & S Duck a l'Orange plus rice.
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Spent much of the day reminding myself of elementary logic eg that M iff B means that B is a necessary and sufficient condition for M. That is the proposition that for any specific mental occurrence (M) there must occur a corresponding brain state (B) and vice versa.

It's damned depressing that so much of the philosophy that I'm interested in is dominated by logic, most of which is decidedly non-elementary. Logic is not my strong suit.

All of this effort so that I can more fully enjoy:


Cycled half of the Strathkelvin Railway Path this afternoon.

Had my sandwiches outside this conveniently located cycle shop at Clachan of Campsie

Yes, it used to be a railway line.

Another lovely October day in the West of Scotland

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