Thursday 3 October 2013

Mod Podge

Made the following purchases in a craft shop in Edinburgh.

A. Three acrylic paints for painting the posts and the cables of my overhead street lights.

For example, I might paint the posts red and the cable green or vice versa.

B. The woman in the  shop explained that Mod Podge was a kind of varnish which also stiffened card models. I'm thinking of using a gray pencil to colour my card dome. The application to that of Mod Podge would both "fix" the pencil shading, provide a sheen and strengthen the whole structure.

The card dome as it is.
C.  4 differently coloured acetate sheets from which I'll make the stained glass panels for the dome.

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Last night's dinner:

Cauliflower cheese sauce with tomatoes and the leaves of the cauliflower

Currently reading:

At chapter 4 of Kim. I'm dipping into the book whenever I've a spare moment. Really getting to grips with the issues underlying the mind-body problem. But I can only take in a couple of paragraphs at a time.

What  I  was doing whilst reading Kim today.

Gilbert Ryle's "The Concept of Mind", the book I was so avidly reading last month in preparation for the philosophy course I'm taking is treated by Kim as not much more than an historical footnote.


Rod Stewart put on a spectacular show at Glasgow's Hydro last night. He's a real old pro who effortlessly held the 10,000 strong audience in the palm of his hand.

The visuals were amazing and the sound reproduction immaculate.

The audience was incredibly prim and proper looking - like the congregation in a Church of Scotland 15 years ago - spectacles, sensible skirts and trousers and cardigans abounded.

The dedicated multi-storey car park

Approaching the Hydro

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