Sunday 13 October 2013

HO Scale Overhead Street Lighting

Really getting to grips with the overhead street lighting.

Firstly, I made three sets of components for the three overhead lights.

One of the wires suspending the lamp will be soldered to the resistor and the other to the L-shaped paper clip.

The other end of the resistor and the L-shaped paper clip will each slot into the top of an upright brass tube.

The bottom end of each tube will be pushed down through a hole in the baseboard and then into a similar hole in a wooden strap; the latter will be glued to the underside of the baseboard, like so:

A reminder of the basic aim.

This was a trial version held upright with blu tac.
Currently listening to:

Schubert's piano Sonata No 16 played by Mitsuko Uchida:

Actually, I've played this all the way through at least 4 times this week-end.

Last night's dinner:

Potato in jacket, grated cheese and frozen peas.
Finished reading:

What made this book so powerful for me was the believability of the characters, the sense of place and the scintillatingness of the prose. A one off.


Cycled past this small church on a housing estate near my home this afternoon.

Close up of noticeboard

Side elevation
Close up of message.
These extremely modest places of worship move me and arrest my interest every bit as much as the grandest of religious edifices eg

I stand outside them and imagine the dedicated, sincere, uncomplicated and stalwart people of Faith who gather within them.

Many years ago I picked up the Memoirs of the British politician Roy Jenkins. He was born in Wales but, I think, completely rejected his roots. A particular passage in his book really put me off him where he belittled the "ugly and lowering" Gospel Halls and Chapels that are evident everywhere in the Welsh valleys.

Actually, he used to be the Member of Parliament for the constituency in which I live.

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