Tuesday 15 October 2013

The Mark of the Mental.

Overhead streetlights finally installed and working.

A selection of different views and ambient lighting conditions.

The lights are powered by a 12 volt household powerpack. The electricity reaches the lights through a pair of brass rods, each one soldered to the base of each of the metal uprights. (See the blogs of the last couple of days.)

Under the baseboard where the power arrives.
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Excellent bongo session today where I played the Bossa Nova rhythm and my tutor accompanied me on full drum kit. Brilliantly enjoyable.

Last night's dinner:

Two tomato rolls.
The Mark of the Mental:

A real eureka moment at my philosophy class last night; and all thanks to the contribution from one of the other students.

He made a very interesting and original contribution. But, in the process of re-casting his contribution in formal logical terms, the lecturer made it clear that there is much loose talk about the "mental".

And I realised that my own unquestioning notion of "the mental" is just that, "unquestioning".

All of my life I have thought of the "mental" as being quite obviously distinct from the "physical".

But last night I realised for the first time the importance of being able to spell out the nature of that difference.

What is the mark of the mental?

That's what the phenomenologists have been on about when they state that "intentionality" is the mark of the mental. Hitherto, I thought they were just stating the "bleedin' obvious". Now I realise how crucial it is to spell out one's reasons for believing that the "mental" is different from the "physical".

Church buildings:

Yesterday, I reported how reverentially I viewed modest little Gospel Halls that one can find on any street corner or on any housing estate. I compared favourably the spiritual significance of such unassuming buildings with more ostentatious religious edifices.

However, I can't say I felt anything other than bafflement when I cycled past this shop frontage at the bottom of my road this morning.


Cycled along an old railway path through the outskirts of Glasgow this afternoon and passed a number of doocots ie outdoor pigeon lofts.

First along the Clyde.

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