Sunday 27 October 2013

Re-cycling plastic for HO scale lights

Now that my flashing coloured LED lights have arrived, I've been thinking about how to manufacture HO scale neon street signs.

Basically, I was thinking about clear acetate rectangles on which would be drawn/written logos like "HARRY'S BAR" or "MARTINI ROSSO". These would be back lit by the LED lights.

However, after a few consecutive days of spending money on eBay and Amazon, I am hesitant about buying a lot of acetate - and of which thickness and colour? And then there are the special pens or paints for drawing the designs/logos on the acetate.

But, I had a brainwave. The modern house is full of clear plastic packaging from take-away food containers to cassette and CD boxes to well anything.

I could cut plastic shapes from these containers.

And place an LED light behind one of them.


At least the process of experimentation will cost nothing.

The next task will be to find suitable sign-writing media eg enamel paint for glass/special felt-tip pens. Not sure I have these items in the house!

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I must try and see Arthur Smith at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in 2014.

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A collection of articles by Lester Bangs
So far I'm disappointed with these articles - even more so since I purchased the book, from Amazon. I've been pretty good at sticking to the public library in recent months.


This thingy for ergonomically angling laptops has transformed my reading comfort at the table.

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