Saturday 19 October 2013

SNCF Society

Latest edition of the magazine for the SNCF Society arrived.

Once again, it is packed with articles about French railways, past and present, archive photos of French rolling stock, locomotives and paraphernalia, special appearances by locos no longer in service and life in France generally.

There is a feature towards the back of the magazine called, "Stock Exchange" where members advertise stuff for sale.

I was intrigued by this advert today:


PN Sud Modelisme:  PLM gare 3 portes, halle marchandaise, lavatory block, platform shelter and cafe (the lot or may split) £175.00

I think I'll email the chap for details; I like the sound of that lavatory block.

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Fish supper
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Just noticed that these books have almost the same title!!!!!

I actually find the Arthur Smith book as powerful a human story as Chaim Potok's obviously powerful novel.

The only other time I've come across the name "Chaim" is the artist Chaim Soutine.


Hugely more entertaining than I was expecting it to be.

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