Monday 7 October 2013

Staining Mod Podge

I would like the colour of the dome to match more nearly the colour of the ceramic church facade.

The facade has a green tint to its gray colour so I mixed some green enamel (it says "thicket" on the label) with some more Mod Podge.

I think it will need another coat.

Currently listening to (again and again):

Love Will Tear Us Apart
One of the tracks my bongo tutor emailed me to practise the Bossa Nova beat to. Definitely mastered it in the privacy of my own bongo chamber.

Last night's dinner:

John Dory


Sweet potato

The ensemble
Currently reading:

A few days ago, I praised a passage in this book - see below.

So, when I was at midday Mass today at St Simon's, I took some photos (surreptitiously).


My bike is broken - the gears won't work, so had to take it back to the store. They tried to fix it but couldn't so the bike has been kept in for observation. Hope it has a peaceful night.


  1. You've worn the poor thing out, hope it recovers quickly.

  2. Really annoying having to find a parking space tonight!