Friday 18 October 2013

Next lighting task.

I want to get cracking on installing the rest of the street and building lights on the layout because these lights are all situated at the back of the baseboard. That means I have to stretch over the front section of the board to work on them and thus can't install anything on those front sections for fear of crushing them under my torso. So, rear sections first; and that's where the street lighting is located.

The next task is to install a strip of LCD lighting under each of the canopies of the "pink" building. Eventually, there will be a pavement cafe situated beneath the left hand canopy.

So ordered an LCD strip to see how they work.

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BBC Radio 3's iPlayer, Late Junction from last night.

Presenters Max Reinhardt and Fiona Talkington
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Red mullet

With artichokes in anchovy sauce

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Fascinating, beautiful and mystical reflection on the wooden floor next to my pew in St Simon's today
Close up
It came from this window depicting St Peter

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