Saturday 5 October 2013

HO scale card buildings

Made progress with the dome to the church.

The next step (possibly) is to varnish the entire dome (windows included) with Mod Podge.

Mod Podge is a varnish/glue/sealant that should stiffen and varnish the dome. Or, make a total mess of it!! I think I'd better practise on some spare card and acetate first of all.

Currently listening to:

I haven't purchased this CD. Instead, I clicked the "Preview" button on iTunes which allows me to have a 90 second sample of each track playing in the background.

I'm hoping that I'll soak up the Bossa Nova groove through such repeated and prolonged exposure to the oeuvre.

Last night's dinner:

Back to the Shenaz Indian Restaurant.

Vegetable pakora

Chicken curry
Currently NOT reading:

Turned into a book of manners - not to my taste.

Bogged down in childhood memories which I always find boring.

However, have struck lucky with this 20th Century American novel.

It has a great account of an agnostic adult entering a church out of curiosity.


Inside the front of the John Fante book is the library sticker:

Not like the old days:

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