Wednesday 16 October 2013

Very pleased about HO scale overhead street lights.

Haven't done anything more to layout since yesterday. I'm very pleased with the installation of the overhead street lights and spent a little time photographing the street scene from different angles and with different background lighting conditions.

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Big Mama Thornton's rendition of  "Hound Dog" made famous some years later by Elvis Presley.

Last night's dinner:

Vegetable pakora

Chicken curry
Consumed at the Green Chilli Indian Restaurant in Glasgow.

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And, for light relief:

Very funny

Cycled through back streets of Partick today and came across, completely unexpectedly, the burial ground for Quakers in Glasgow.

And later, this amazing looking bike:


  1. Visited the cemetery some years ago on a walking tour of Partick.

  2. Actually, as soon as I came across the site I remembered that you and John had been there on a guided walk.

  3. Karen and I actually, everytime I pass on the road nearby I will always look over, possibly because I really enjoyed that walk.