Sunday 20 October 2013

Nord Rapide

Another interesting feature in this quarter's magazine of the SNCF Society was a request from Hornby/Jouef for suggestions as to which French locomotives and carriages they should be producing.

I wrote to the email address provided (an intermediary of some kind) and got a reply a couple of hours later.

I suggested that they make a model of the 232 Nord Express which worked out of the Gare du Nord (my station on the layout).

In fact, there were HO scale models made by the French manufacturer JEP but they went out of business some decades ago.

Someone posted this photo of the JEP models on the internet.
Anyway, the reply was encouraging.

And then beguilingly, the intermediary, opined that such a loco would be perfect for pulling the "Nord Rapide" coaches made by the German company LS Models.

I looked these up on the web and they are beautiful - you have to buy them in sets of 3.

On reflection, I think I might look for some old battered 2nd hand models at French markets next year. I think "old battered" might suit the ambiance of my layout more than total perfection.

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Did a few of the elementary exercises in propositional logic at the end of chapter one - homework for tomorrow night's Philosophy of Mind lecture. Got one correct out of twenty!


Got Scott's old bike (at least 25 years old) out of the attic.

I definitely need a spare now that cycling is part of my everyday life.

Light as a feather compared with mine.

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